Embarking on beach and sun tours in Crete, especially to the exquisite destinations of Vai, Chrissi Island, and Koufonissi Island, promises an unparalleled experience of the Mediterranean's natural beauty. To make the most of these sun-soaked adventures, here are some essential travel tips:

Preparation is Key: The Cretan sun is intense, especially during the summer months. Pack high SPF sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and UV-protective sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun. Hydration is crucial, so carry plenty of water. Lightweight, breathable clothing will keep you comfortable during your explorations.

Early Start: Beat the crowds and the midday heat by starting your excursions early. The morning light offers a softer, more magical glow, perfect for photography and peaceful beach strolls.

Respect the Environment: These islands are not just beautiful; they're also fragile ecosystems. Dispose of trash responsibly, stay on marked paths, and refrain from removing any natural objects. Keeping these places pristine ensures they remain enjoyable for future visitors.

Exploration Gear: If your tour includes snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters around Chrissi Island or Koufonissi, bring your snorkeling gear or check if your tour provider offers it. The underwater life is vibrant and worth the glimpse!

Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with any local regulations, especially for protected areas. Vai Beach, for example, is known for its unique palm forest, and certain activities may be restricted to preserve its beauty.

Stay Flexible: The charm of Crete lies in its unpredictability. Ferry schedules might change due to weather conditions, and some beaches may be busier than expected. Keep an open mind, and let the island's rhythm guide your experience.

By following these tips, your visit to the sun-kissed beaches of Vai, Chrissi Island, and Koufonissi Island in Crete will be nothing short of spectacular, filled with breathtaking landscapes, serene moments, and a deep connection with nature's wonders.

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6 Hours 10-17 People Easy
We will take you to Ierapetra Harbor where we will take an unforgettable private cruise with luxury Yacht to one of the southernmost points of...
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€110 €140
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7 Hours Medium
Explore the wild heart of East Crete, undiscovered by tourism, where time seems to stand still. A combination of tar and off roads, will guide...
5% Off
€89 €94
Next Departure Jul 15 Jul 17 Jul 18 Jul 19
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  • July 15, 202425 Available
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